Victor John was born in the state of Bihar in North India. He loves Jesus and is passionate to fulfil the Great Commission given by His Master. He was inspired by the Biblical principles and pattern of the early Church and began to do research among the unreached language groups like the Bhojpuri people of Northern India, an area long known as the graveyard of mission and missionaries but today it has become vineyard of Mission. He is the founder and president of Asian Sahyogi Sanstha India (ASSI); he is a founding member of Asian Partner International (USA) and serves as Mission Consultant with InterAct (Sweden). Victor is a vision multiplier and a CPM Catalyst.  Victor’s research revealed that people were not resistant to the gospel but only to the way it was presented. He started focusing on developing grassroots-level leadership and introduced a culture of empowerment – where the ministry is in the hands of local leaders. He is a servant-leader and has served in different capacity for the past 45 years for the cause of the Kingdom. He continues to train leaders in different countries.


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