[D2W20] How to Equip People to Become a Multiplier of Disciples and Churches

Sulemana Abdel-Aziz was born into a Muslim family in January 1969.  It was January 1992 when he came to accept Christ.  Through the distance studies (1996-1998) with Dr. Ralph Mahoney, he received Shepherd’s Staff.  Immediately, he began preaching the Gospel.  In 2001, he went through Exponential Leadership course with Dr. Bruce Wilkinson.  He began training leaders afterwards.  In 2007, he was trained in Orality by Wycliff USA under Dr. David Payne and through Terry, Amy Ruff and Jonathan’s training under Dr. Curtis Sergeant in Communication Bridges to Oral Cultures in 1995.  This marked the beginning multiplication of disciples, exponential growth of house churches and leaders.  Starting from a small village of his birth reaching his ethnic group, the Gonjas, he now stewards Movements in Africa with a vision of Africa becoming a mission force to the unreached world.  The credit goes to God alone.


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