Goong Kim is copresident of the 2020 Global Assembly of Pastors for Finishing the Task.  He also serves as the president of GAP-FTT as well as the chairman of the board for Assembly of New Life Mission Church (ANLMC).  In January 2006, he founded Maranatha Vision Church (MVC) in the San Francisco Bay Area with the vision of the “Holistic Partnership Mission” led by local church through training every member to become a missionary.  During the past 10 years of his tenure, this vision had been established in that through MVC many churches were planted in 305 UUPGs in India as well as in Nepal, Myanmar, Turkey and Israel.  In December 2019, after handing over the ministry to a pastor he discipled, Goong Kim has finally returned to his original identity of being a missionary.  Currently, through serving GAP-FTT and ANLMC, he is committed to mobilizing, training, connecting and supporting Korean churches in Korea and overseas to plant churches in 5,000 UUPGs with less than .1% evangelicals

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