UUPG & Unfinished Task

5,000 UUPGs

remaining work

In order for Jesus' Great Commission to be fulfilled, the gospel must be preached to all peoples of all nations, peoples, tribes, and languages on the earth, and churches must be established within each tribe. Since Jesus gave this task more than 2,000 years ago, much progress has been made. but still 5,000 Unexplored Peoples (UUPG)This remains. yet we the gospel I couldn't convey it comfortably because of. (Romans 15:19-21) The top priority of the world church today is still Evangelization rate is 0%It is to spread the gospel of the kingdom to “those who have not heard the good news of the Lord” and plant the church in a way of making disciples. (Matthew 28:18-20)

this heavenly gospel all nations to testify to

will be spread throughout the world then the end come (Matthew 24:14)

Semiyeon all over the world 5,000dog Unexplored Peoples (UUPG)hear The purpose of evangelizing themIt is an organization established by The local church obeys the Great Commission to spread the gospel of Christ to the unreached peoples, make disciples of them, establish churches in the peoples, and again evangelize and make disciples of the surrounding people and surrounding peoples. local as a co-worker growing Thing support CooperationDo it. 

※ The criteria for distinguishing the terms from unreached tribes, unreached tribes, or unexplored tribes are slightly different for each missionary organization. Therefore, it is not easy to present uniform statistical data. However, one thing is self-evident that all A race completely alienated from the gospelthat is.  

unreached peoples


Unreached People Group

Currently, there are about 17,000 ethnic groups in the world's 7.8 billion people. The Unreached People Group is a double People whose evangelization rate is less than 2%say the ones Since the evangelization rate is less than 2%, the possibility of spontaneously spreading the gospel and planting churches within the tribe is very low. need outside helpDo it.

In the world today, these unreached peoples are About 7,400There is. (For reference, there are differences between mission research institutes depending on how they define a people group or an unreached people group. Joshua Projectbased on statistics.)

non-conductive race


Unengaged Unreached People Group

'Unengaged Unreached People Group (UUPG)' A race with an evangelization rate of 0%says That is, a people group with no believers, no ministers or missionaries, no churches, no Bibles of any kind translated into their own language.

now present Over 100 UUPGs worldwideThere is. As mentioned earlier 20 years ago, there were 3,400There was a UUPG of In the meantime, as a result of the FTT movement, there are now more than 100reduced to

Last 20 years  GAP (World Cooperation Mission)About 1,100 UUPGs pioneered inwill be Now, it can be said that UUPG is almost completely pioneered. Among the remaining 100 or so, there are war zones and areas that foreign missionaries cannot enter, but they are expected to be pioneered soon.

For reference, IMB has stricter standards for classifying UUPGs. IMB believes that there are still more than 3,000 UUPGs. Its population is about 2.7 billion. However, in FTT, one or two local ministers or one or two local churches are planted, and once the gospel is spread within the people group, it is considered to have been planted and removed from the UUPG list. Of course, continuous monitoring. Therefore, out of the 3,000 Unengaged Unreached People Group (UUPG) mentioned by the IMB, 2,800 are included in the FTT's Under-engaged Unreached People Group (UUPG) list, excluding 100.

An unexplored race


Under-engaged Unreached People Group

The Under-engaged Unreached People Group A race with an evangelization rate of less than 0.1%says Currently on Earth 130 countrieson 5,000 piecesThere are unexplored tribes of About 1.9 billionis. Although the Gospel has barely been preached, most of the souls are still in darkness. The Joshua Project also calls them Frontier Peoples.

Although almost all of the Unengaged Unreached People Group (UUPG) have been colonized, they continue to You must pioneer the Under-engaged Unreached People Group (UUPG). The saying that an undiscovered race was pioneered barely startedIt means.

Semi-yeon is a group of over 5,000 unexplored races.
World church
Priority mission task presented as

5,000 unexplored racesenter The top priority given to the world churchis. The world church must work together to make disciples of these peoples first. In other words, we need to establish local workers in these peoples and plant churches. They barely escaped their unengaged state, but Still Under-engagedbecause it is in

Distribution of unexplored races

※ The list of unexplored races is here There is.