Semi-yeon's departure

Semi-yeon (GAP-FTT, World Church Unreached People Group) 2020 World Church Unreached Peoples Mission Conference (GAP for FTT)It was established as a non-profit corporation in 2019 to pioneer the Unreached People Group by working with the churches of the world, including the Korean church, as a starting point. Semi-yeon still exists in 130 countries around the world. 5,000 Under-engaged Unreached People Group with an evangelization rate of less than 0.1%It exists to spark a church planting movement that makes disciples.

We are A new paradigm of mission, 'Total cooperative mission led by local churches (King's Mission)' We are developing a missionary movement to pioneer unreached peoples in this way For the strategic cooperation of the missionary movement for pioneering unreached peoples, we not only mobilize and train branch churches, but also target local missionaries and local pastors. Training / support / cooperation / solidarity / advisory groupsis.

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Solidarity for pioneering world unreached peoples
세미연 (EN) 150px ht
Global Assembly of Pastors for Finishing The Task

Semiyeon's vision

Our vision is, in a word, “to all the world churches 'The King's Mission (Comprehensive Collaborative Mission led by the local church)' movementBy deploying Spread the church planting ministry to make disciples among 5,000'uncultivated tribes'Is to be done.

Semi-yeon's personality

Semi-yeon declared at the 2020 Mission Conference Local church-centered voluntary solidarity to actually accomplish the remaining tasksis. Local churches that share the same vision become co-workers (members) and carry out the'disciple-making church planting movement' to 5,000 unexplored tribes, the top priority mission task of the world churches. This is an extension of the FTT (Finish The Task) movement starting with the 21st Century Christian Movement (AD 2000 & Beyond Movement) and continuing to the present day.

10-year plan

Semi-yeon is the following proclaimed at the '2020 World Church Unreached Peoples Mission Conference (2020 GAP for FTT)'. 5 ministry goalsAnd will run for the next 10 years.

Semi-yeon's goal

5,000 unexplored races
In our time!

If only the 10% of the Korean Church wakes up and strictly obeys the Great Commission, we can end the pioneering of 5,000 unexplored races in our time.